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PWS Team

As the saying goes “Birds of the same feathers, flock together” and that is one of the best ways to describe the team of Philippine’s Web Solutions. What can be a better way to build a team than have the most competent persons who share the same passion in life?

Excellence in all the things we do is what keeps the Philippines Web Solutions motivated to work with no compromise just to fulfil the client’s expectations. We work for a very complicated souk and though some things appear impossible to achieve, nothing can go between our goals and our dedication to make things happen.

Philippines Web Solutions was founded by Micah Abigail Chua Lacsamana, a young professional who discovered what she really wants early in life. Passion can surely lead people into the best of things and with PWS slowly inching its way to be every businesses’ household name, Micah has truly found her niche and become an instrument to the success of every client.

The SEO Specialist

Making all things possible over the Internet

Micah Lacsamana has been working as an SEO Specialist for 3 years and has been among the most essential components of various companies’ success. Her wide range of experience has made her emerge to become one of the most sought after SEO Specialist satisfying clients from different parts of the world such as the US, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

Micah Lacsamana can guarantee ranking results and would surely provide the best reasons for company owners to stay rested and at peace knowing that their company’s presence is being managed by the best person who can really make things work and thrive

The Writers

Content is King

The Philippines Web Solutions is aware that it takes effective content for SEO to flourish that’s why we makes it sure to work only with the best writers in town. Writing web content is a skill that should be handled by the most knowledgeable persons who can easily win the web visitor’s trust for their clients. It doesn’t only take correct grammar and spelling usage to be assured of excellent web content because passion is what drives our writers to never grow tired of creating the most relevant articles that keeps our client’s websites fresh and updated at all times.

It takes great impression in order to earn the client’s confidence and with the writers of PWS, you’ll get your websites driving the most relevant traffic and your most desired company’s reputation at the most convenient time.

The Link Builders

An Established Brand, means Good Business

PWS knows how consumers think and since Internet Marketing also means dealing with an intelligent market. Our team makes it sure to get your company’s brand established in the best places for the prospective clients to see.

We can get your company connected on relevant sites. Web visitors rely so much on a company’s brand and putting their trust on established websites is one way of getting the guarantee that they are dealing with the right people. We will build links to get your company established while you wait for the best results to happen.

The SEO Assistant

Getting the Work Done as expected and in Time

Time is a crucial element of any online business’ success. Get a few hours wasted and for sure you’ll see your rankings flop that will surely give enough reasons to keep you worried.

Our SEO Assistant has the effective management skills to make sure that things are being attended to as scheduled. Getting all the SEO strategies organized cannot be relied on any person because it will surely require a keen and flexible mind especially when uncertainties are bound to get in the way. A creative mind with the greatest passion for SEO is what drives the PWS clients to success and that is a guarantee that any client would get fond of.

We think of the best solutions even before the problem arises. PWS knows the best ways to get your site noticed by the search engines. Put your confidence in our work and for sure our team will get you to the right places and make your date with success sooner than expected. Our Team can do that and we have the clients to prove it!

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PWS has successfully improved my search result on my three chosen keywords to the top 2 pages of Google.

- Menlo Real Estate

Philippines Web Solutions' SEO Specialist did terrific link building and SEO work for my website, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for something like this. They have worked for 12 months on several of my sites, helping me bring them to the first page of Google results for important keywords.

- Compost Instructions